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Hey there! Okay, from now on, all you'll need to do is stop by here to check out any new arrivals if you don't feel like searching through my entire website for new stuff. Here I'm just going to type in all my updates and I'll put up a link for each so you can click there and *boom* you can see all the new stuff in a matter of seconds!

NEW! The people, the music, the very building itself. The 'Con', my third home.

NEW! A new section devoted to humour, as in jokes, articles and... stuff! Go Check it OUT!

NEW! A section devoted to silly stories. Go check 'em out!

NEW! Guess what? You can now go see pictures of Maverick, Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Willow on my rogue fights page!!

Its the rogue fights! Thats right! Click here and vote on my personal poll who's *your* favorite rogue of rogues!! I JUST updated the poll results!

New! Wanna see Liza dance?? Click here! (I just fixed the link)

NEW! Another friend of mine has made a webpage! Go check it out from my FRIENDS page!