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He's the oldest member of the band - 39 years this year.

Adam was born on March 13th 1960 in Chinnor, Oxfordshire. At the age of five, he moved with his family to the leafy Dublin suburb of Malahide.

In his early years Adam had problems adapting to the Irish educational system. An early report from Castle Park preparatory school called him a "chatterbox". At St. Columbas College, Rathfarnham, he got into trouble for not wearing the school uniform.

Then he went to Mount Temple.

At Mount Temple, where a liberal ethic prevailed, Adam amused himself by drinking coffee in the classroom and occasionally streaking through the corridors.

After a while he was asked to leave.

He bought his first guitar in a quayside shop for 12. This was replaced later by a nifty looking bass guitar which cost 52. He also spent a month on the hippy trail in Pakistan and possessed an Afghan coat.

After he got his first bass, he told his parents, "I'll play till I'm bigger than the Beatles.

"Adam likes reggae, nightclubs, parties and more parties, though he has quieted down a lot in recent years.

He is not married and has no children, thou he was previously engaged to super model Naomi Campbell.

Adam is the 'wild' man of U2 - but thats still pretty polite by most rock 'n' roll standards.