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Those Who Have WON!

***** Please note that if you won an award, and I sent it to you -- but you didn't notify me that you put it up, your name will not be added to this list until you do so. Thanks. :) *****

The Excellence in Stupidity Award

Here is a list of people who have won my "Stupidity" award ;) (This award is, basicaly a gag award that is only given to those who either ask for it, or is a friend of mine ;) )

1. Christine Povey's "Moisture is Moisture" page :) (She's a best friend)

2. Kelly O'Byrne's "Trivector" page.

Wagner's Great Site Award

New! This goes to sites that are pleasing to the eye (good html) and that are interesting in some way or other -- in other words, they have something to offer to the viewer (no, I am not refering to sales promos :) ). Apply now, why don't you?

Tahlula's Pleasing Site Award

New! This one goes to a site that has more than just links. Other than that, I'm not too picky... Just no broken images or links (well, at least not too many).

The Mad Skipping Award for Webpage Greatness!

This award goes to sites that, in my opinion, are very well-made. No "under construction" sites are permitted to apply. Applicants must show a great understanding of HTML code, and the site has'ta look perdy! :) Here is the list of people that have won my most prestigious award:

1.Tiny's Most Exellent Webpage!

2.Tigress's Awesome (x2) Page!

3.Marja-Riitta's Doggon great page!

Thats it for now, the search continues :) Apply Today! Email Me!