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Paul Hewson was destined to be leader of the most successful band ever to come out of Ireland.

Born on May 10th, 1960, he lived in Cedarwood Avenue, Ballymun, in the heart of Dublin's northside. He dreamt of being an Indian. "At school, " he explained, "I was always with the Indians. I think the cowboys always had it too easy - always the good guys, always the winners."

After school he would hang around with hs friends from Lypton Village, a mythical Indian reservation populated by his friends. Gavin, Strongman, Dave Id, Guggi and Pod. They all had funny names because it sounded like a good idea at the time.

Legend has it that Bono got his name from the hearing aid shop in O'Connell Street, Bonovox. Bono he has been ever since.

Some little interesting tidbits on Bono are that, though he looks rather short, he is 5'8". He is married (woman named Ali) and has two daughters, they live in Dublin. His star sign is under "Taurus" (the same as mine, in fact) and he is left handed. (apparently :) ) His interests include world events, the arts, hairstyles and meeting people.