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At nine he started playing a guitar which his mother bought in a jumble sale for 1. At ten he bought his first cowboy hat. At 11 he started shaving. At 11.05 he stopped.

This was Edge, Evans the axe.

Dave Evans was born on August 8th 1961 in Barking, East London. His parents were Welsh. They didn't like Barking so they moved to the leafy Dublin suburb of Malahide in 1962.

By the time Dave reached Mount Temple comprehensive school his guitar skills were finely tuned, or so legend has it, by Beatles guitar duets with his brother Dick, an early member of the U2 prototype band The Hype and later of The Virgin Prunes.

After a few years in Mount Temple Dave became known to his friends as The Edge.

Edge is the quiet man of U2. Sometimes he plays the piano and he likes reading Raymond Carver books.

His ambition is to reinvent rock 'n' roll."Edge is a really intense guy, he's got this incredibly high IQ," says Bono. "He's great at sorting out issues of world importance, it's just that he forgets the everyday things like the chords of songs, where he is and so on."