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Fun Stuff

Hello! We, of the Glenn Gould Conservatory of Music, would like to wish you Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings! (and safe driving!!) Haha, this page should be worth at least a few laughs and giggles.

James Brown says: "Waoh! There's a lot of fun stuff here!"

Here are some funny pages I came accross. I like to plug in random words after typing www. and then add .com . Its really funny to see what you come up with sometimes.

A page all about Grits
A page all about sausages

HeeHee. Well *I* thought it was funny, I don't know about you. What do you think of my falling eggs?

Oh, for all you Calvin and Hobbes lovers out there, go check out *the* official Calvin and Hobbes Webpage!

Calvin And Hobbes

Can you figure out the pun? Lets see... its a cow shaking with bananas... (Oh sure Liza! Thats really funny -- Hah... hah...) Well, I never said the pun was funny -- the picture is!

Here are two "mini" stories I wrote to go along with a series of pictures I've taken of friends.

Nigel's Californian Adventure!
The Walmart Experience!

Oh, and here's this really weird page I found.. it's called "Hampsterdance". Basically the name says it all! Oh, turn on your sound, while you're at it -- the incredibly stupid music plays a big part in it.


I also found this site called "Net mooning". You might want to have a look at this one. Its funny ;)

Net Mooning

Funny Pictures

Rushmore at its best
How you should never feed your cat

A cute/funny picture involving a dalmation and a few cat-dogs. -- You'll see what I mean!

"Hello, my name is Homer."

Wanna see Liza dancing? Go ahead, click here. I don't mind at all! I dare you! ;)

Now I mean, *why* would someone make an animated picture like this? I mean really! A dancing chicken!

Thats it for now but rest assured I'll add some more. And more, and more, and... more :)