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Larry Mullen Jr. changed the face of rock 'n' roll in August 1976 when he stuck a note on the Mount Temple school noticeboard, looking for people to form a band.

Larry was born on October 31 1961. He was raised in Rosemount Avenue in Artane.

His education started at the all Irish-speaking college Scoil Naomh Colmchille and after school he'd go for piano lessons to the Dublin College of Music in Chatham Street.

He didnt like the piano so he started playing the drums instead.

When he got his first proper drumkit he used to practice a lot at home while watching bands like 'The Sweet', 'The Glitter Band' and 'Slade' on tv.

Bono says his earliest memory of Larry was when they were at their first rehersal in his kitchen. Girls kept climbing over the walls and looking in the window at Larry.

Larry doesnt like giving interviews too much.

He like Harley Davidson motorbikes, and has a great respect for Elvis Presley.

He has a partner, Ann and 2 children.