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Mel's Many Faces

Here I have taken one picture from each of Mel Gibson's movies and placed them in chronological order so you can see the many looks he has had over his career. If you see a picture outlined in blue you can click on it to see its original (bigger) size. I have arranged so that a window will pop up for each picture so that you won't have to refresh the page to see more :)

Okay, now I am also arranging so that you can see pictures from the selected movie. If you see the words "click here for more pictures" underneath any of the pictures up here, you can see MORE! :) A window will pop up for this, too. Fun, huh? Well, go to it!

Mad Max 1 -- 1980

Gallipoli -- 1981

Mad Max 3 -- 1985

Lethal Weapon -- 1987

Tequila Sunrise -- 1988

Hamlet -- 1990

Maverick -- 1994
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Braveheart -- 1995
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Ransom -- 1996

Conspiracy Theory -- 1997

I'm adding stuff as I go along here, please have patience :)