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Here is a collection of things famous actors have been recorded saying that I either found amusing or insightfull -- or both ;) Enjoy!

"Oh yeah, I'm out there ponding the fence posts, feeding the horses. There was a time I used to live in NYC but I like to see the sun rise and set in the desert." -- Val Kilmer

(Q)"What advice would you give to actors starting out?"
(A)"Flirt. That's been my way ahead. To get my union card in England, in those days, you had to go through regional theater. You weren't allowed to do TV or film straight away. And to get in, I simply flirted with the gayest director I could find, who was then furious when I turned up for the job and turned out to be straight. That's why I played such interesting parts that season -- tree in wind, third shouting peasant." -- Hugh Grant

"They had a hard time [putting the microphone on] me in my loin cloth. I mean, where were they gonna tape it?" -- Brendan Fraser on the challenging task the sound crew faced during the filming of George of the Jungle.

"Cocain is God's way of saying you're making too much money." -- Robin Williams

"Using a stunt person is like going on vacation and asking someone else to make love to your wife while you're gone." -- Harrison Ford

"Stay humble. Always answer your phone---no matter who else is in the car." --Jack Lemmon

"Finally, in conclusion, let me say just this." -- Peter Sellers

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