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My Collection
Of Weird Stuff.

This is where I put up things that I found just strange in a funny way according to my sense of humour. Well, actualy my entire page is weird but here I'm going to put in things that I wouldn't know where to put elsewhere.

Like, for example, this walking Rice Krispies Box:

Heehee.. I don't know what amuses me about this one, but it does anyway. I'll have to find another place for it :)


Now, I ask you! Where would I put this one??

Haha! I *can't* believe I found this!!


And what do you think of my dancing banana .gif? :)


Okay, now, I was seriously disturbed when I saw this animated bear -- Why, I don't know. But don't you think it looks a little odd?

I wonder what was going through the creator of this picture's mind when they made this chicken thing? And for what purpose?

Well, thats it for now! Please stop in often, there are plans afoot!

WHEE! (Ya like toothpaste there?)

Hey Whats

Gimme some pancakes!