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You Too Can Win One of My Awards!

Hey! You want an award? I'd be only too happy to give you one provided your page falls into one of the catagories and is approved by myself.

I have only two rules, the first is that your page should be able to be suitable to all viewers.

My last rule is that you have to link the graphic back to my homepage. Pretty easy huh?!

Great, so you figure your page diserves one of these little babies, huh? Please email me and tell me which you want, why, and your webpage address, that's all you've got to do! Do not forget to give me your webpage address, because if you do, how will I be able to visit your site?? :)

We begin with my most prestigious award. This one is difficult to win -- but have faith! The rest are in no particular order. The very last is a gag award that I will *only* give out if you have a good sense of humour.
Award #1

Award #2

Award #3

Award #4

Thanks for comin' out!

Who else has won an award?