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"Name: Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson
Profile: Actor, Director, Producer
Born: January 3rd, 1956

Here's the fun thing about this site, people. Virtualy every picture you see can be clicked on and be seen in its original (bigger!) version (a smaller screen will pop up so you won't have to use your back button and wait for the page to refresh again). I hope you enjoy these fan pages. I believe that Mr. Mel Gibson is a fabulous actor and deserves recognition for his remarkable talent -- and he also happens to be one of the handsomest men on the big screen ;)

Thanks for sharing, Mel :)

For Mel Gibson's brief biography ( written in point form by *yours trully* ) and links to other bio pages click HERE. There are some very interesting facts and trivia in here. :)

Here is an ARTICLE I found that was written by Mel himself. It is *very* funny. Check it out! He interviews himself *hint hint* :)





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Mel's Many Faces

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