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Liza's Road Map

Well, this is the place to be if you want to find out what, exactly is in my site -- without having to wait for pictures to come up! Theres a lot in here. I've put a desription of each place to give you a general idea. Hope you find this helpfull! :)

Updates Page -- See what is updated on my page. Something is updated virtualy every day. Well, maybe not but updates are *extremely* frequent.

Stuff About Me

All About Me -- Here's where you want to go if you're curious as to just who is behind all this work. (I am refering to myself, by the way!) ;)

The Con -- I am the Webmaster of the Student Council website for The Glenn Gould Professional School of Music. Feel free to have a look!

My Photo Album -- This is a collection of a few pictures of family and friends. There are a few with me in 'em as well. There are currently *five* glorious pages with 4-5 pictures on each.

Grad Photos -- Yes, just what it says. Here you can see the great grad pictures of some of my friends. Mine's in there as well. You can click on any of them to see it's bigger version, just so ya know.

Friends Pages -- From here you can go check out homepages put together by a few of my friends! Cool, yes? Go visit them when you're finished here. They all have great sites!

My Won Awards! -- Hey! You can go see the awards given to me by clicking here. They're are beautiful and I appreciate every single one!

WIN MY AWARD!!! -- Yes, thats right folks! You can win one of my own, original awards! Go check 'em out! :) Ya might win something if I'm feeling nice. Awh shucks guys! I'm always nice! ;)

The Entertainment Industry

The Actors Index -- This is the main "movie" index on my page. It will link you to the celebrety sites I have made, to my movie news page and to my favorite movies pages.

Favorite Movies Page -- This page gives you a list of my favorite movies, all of them linked back to the official sites, or to the best fan pages I could find!

Movie News -- Here's a little page I keep updated which lists a few of the really neat/exciting movies coming up in the future. This all is linked back to the official sites too, giving you more in-depth info.

British Sitcoms Section -- List of my favorite brit-coms. These are also linked back to the best sites I could find. I also list here the sit-com sites I host on "The Youngones" and "Red Dwarf"

Liza's Celebrety Sites

Liza's Mel Gibson Page! -- This site is quite completed now, just adding little tidbits when I find 'em! :) You'll find here his biography, filmography, a picture gallery (really big!), articles, fan links, and tons of other stuff. One of my favs, if I do say so myself! ;)

Liza's Brendan Fraser Page! -- This site is still being completed. You will find some great pictures, a brief biography and other info.

Liza's Val Kilmer Page! -- This site is being renotvated but can still be viewed, no worries! I'm just updating everything! Right now you can see Val's flmography, brief bio, some pictures.. More coming!! :)

Liza's John Travolta Page! -- Okay, here we've got his bio, a growing photo gallery, and filmography :) Have fun!

Liza's Sean Connery Page! -- Well, how could I resist?? He was, after all, *the* best James Bond Ever! I've got some pictures, brief bio and filmography listed here. More coming!

Liza's Adam Sandler Page! -- Not much here yet, so I'm not going to say much about it. It is being renovated! :) Woohoo!

Liza's Robin Williams Page! -- Some stuff about Robin Williams, his filmography ect ect ect. Working on it!

Music Links

Liza's U2 page! -- Okay, we've got U2's complete discography, bios on each member, and lots of pictures! Go on, check it out! You know you want to!

Liza's Quotes Section

Great Quotes -- This will link you to my main "quotes" index. From there, you can visit the various pages I've put together bassed on a few catergories: "Music-Related Quotes" "Famous People Quotes" "Movie Quotes" "Celebrety Quotes" "British Sit-Com Quotes"

Liza's Strange and Very Fun Stuff

Liza Dancing -- Want to see Liza dance? Click here! You might learn a few new moves, who knows??

The Rogue Fights -- You can answer my poll here, as well as see pictures of all your choices of rogues you can vote for (Han Solo, James Bond, Maverick, Madmartigan, Maverick, Indiana Jones, Mad Max). Also, the current poll results are on this page.

Humour Section -- This page is full of jokes, funny articles, this and that, anything that might bring a smile or a laugh.

Silly Stories -- This is where I put up funny/silly little stories for the reader's pleasure. They aren't incredibly long. They are more like extended jokes. :) Very funny to read though!

Funstuff -- This is a pager I put together thats worth at least a few laughs and giggles. Its got some of the funniest pictures I've ever seen, as well as fun stuff I've found on the web! Go check it out!

Weird Stuff -- Yes, there is some wierd stuff out there too. Here I've put up things I've found on the web that just *had* to use, but had no idea where to put them. So, I decided to put 'em in a catergory of their own! Have fun!

Nigel's Californian Adventure! -- THis is a funny story I put together by assembling various photographs. You'll see what I mean once you check this out. Very funny :)

The Walmart Experience -- Same I idea as the Cali Adventure, only in Walmart. This one's very funny too! :)

Links -- Well, what would a site be without fun links? Well, here's I've got some fun and original links for you. (going from the Simpsons, to finding out your family history, to GUINNESS, to the DR. Pepper site! ect ect ect) Check 'em out!

Well, thats it for now. Of course, I'm always adding things! Pages get added to certain catergories ect ect ect. This is a big site so book mark it! :) Yeah, thats right there! So now, if you want to go back to my main page with all its pretty pictures, click the swirling "back" button!